Mom Invents Innovative Greeting Card that Will Save Millions of Trees

St. Paul, Minnesota, October 31, 2019  — 3,000 tons of paper towels will be used by midnight tonight in the US alone. This is paper waste as heavy as 600 elephants!  13 BILLION pounds of paper towels are used and thrown away in just one year which requires 110 million trees and 130 billion gallons of water to make.  We often talk about plastic waste, but paper waste is a big problem too. A mom from Minnesota has created a solution to two of the biggest paper waste problems – greeting cards and paper towels.  Her 2-in-1 invention is called a “CLARD.”  A CLARD is a cleaning cloth AND a greeting card all in one and does the work of 3,000 paper towels…saving families over 80 rolls a year.  CLARDS has partnered with over 50 companies and sponsors to launch a Kickstarter Party and is ready to shake up the 7.5 billion dollar greeting industry with their disruptive greeting concept.

“We are on a mission to make it easy for everyone to consume less. Multi-use CLARDS are a fun and functional greetings that become a reusable paper towel alternative. We are providing a greeting with a new meaning and the best part is they never need to be thrown in the trash – CLARDS are 100% compostable,” says Carla Scholz, Founder of Soak it Up Cloths and inventor of CLARDS.

Patent-pending CLARDS feel like a paper card, but when wet, transform into two ultra-eco cleaning cloths that customers say work like magic. CLARDS absorb 20x its weight in liquid cleaning up spills better, quicker, and best of all without needing paper towels.

CLARDS are made from European sponge cloth a super absorbent material that is great for quick cleaning in the kitchen, bath, or nursery and are durable enough for the car, boat, camper, or spills at the grill. Usable for months, they are a smarter; convenient; and eco alternative to paper towels.” says Scholz.

  • Unique, Fun, Functional Greeting Card
  • 100% Natural + Vegan
  • 1 CLARD = 1 greeting card + 2 ultra-eco cleaning cloths
  • Never Throw Away – multi-use + compostable
  • Magic Cloth – absorbs 20x its weight in liquid
  • 1 CLARD = 3,000 paper towels
  • Dishwasher safe and dry in microwave to sterilize
  • Mom designed and made in the USA
  • Awesome gift that is changing the world!

“I love getting greeting cards, but I hate throwing them away – and most everyone I talk to agrees. CLARDS are first a greeting then a usable, eco cleaning cloth.  After they become worn from cleaning (which takes many months), compost them, or cut them up and add to plants to help absorb moisture or add some essential oils and vinegar and they become eco dryer sheets.” adds Scholz.


Step 1:  Choose your CLARD

Each fun greeting CLARD has a removable binder with a greeting such as Happy Birthday, Thank You, Congratulations, and more. Each has a unique, uplifting graphic to enjoy for months, even years as a cleaning cloth.

Step 2:  Write Your Message

Like traditional greeting cards, write your personal message with a permanent marker or clothing marker. Unlike a traditional paper card, that is thrown away and forgotten, a CLARDS greeting can be remembered and relived daily while you clean up.


Step 3:  Wet & Clean

Each CLARD has simple instructions for use on the removable binder tape. The recipient will have two ultra-eco cleaning cloths ready to replace 3,000 paper towels. Just wet, use to clean, and wipe up anything. Launder in the dishwasher and sterilize in the microwave.

“If each household bought just one CLARD a year instead of an ordinary paper greeting card that just ends up in the trash, we would save 20 BILLION rolls of paper towel in just 12 months. That would save us 156 million trees and 195 billion gallons of water EVERY YEAR! Best part, CLARDS never reach the trash can unlike a good portion of the 7.5 BILLION dollars worth of paper greeting cards we buy every year,” adds Scholz.

Learn more at and samples are available for press features. Carla Scholz is very mediagenic and is available for interviews.

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About Clards

Owned by Minnesota mom and entrepreneur, Carla Scholz, Soak it Up is the parent company of CLARDS. Soak it Up Cloths turn practical, environmentally friendly, European sponge cloths into clever, fun gifts and souvenirs.  CLARDS offer a 2-in-1 greeting card that transforms into two eco cleaning cloths to help decrease the habitual use of paper towels and offer a disruptive greeting card solution that never needs to end up in the trash.