Easy as 1,2,3!

Step 1:  Choose Your CLARD

CLARDS are made up of two eco cleaning cloths and come in a variety of trendy designs.  Each CLARD has a removable binder with a message that pertains to your greeting such as Happy Birthday, Thank You, Congratulations, and more.

Step 2:  Share A Message

Write your personal message in your CLARD. A clothing marker works best. Send to a friend and feel good. Unlike a traditional paper card, instead of being thrown away and forgotten, your greeting can be remembered and relived over and over every time a CLARD cleaning cloth is used.

Step 3:  Get it, wet it and clean up

The CLARD recipient receives special instructions on their CLARD that tells them exactly what a CLARD is and how to use it.  They just remove the binder and viola!  They have two ultra-eco cleaning cloths ready to replace 3,000 paper towels. Just wet and use to clean. Put in the dishwasher and can dry in the microwave to sterilize.