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    BEHIND-THE-BUSINESS Roseville entrepreneur launches Kickstarter for greeting ‘CLARDS’ that clean up CLARDS is a greeting card that doubles as an eco-friendly paper towel alternative. It…

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  2. Press Release

    Mom Invents Innovative Greeting Card that Will Save Millions of Trees St. Paul, Minnesota, October 31, 2019  — 3,000 tons of paper towels will be…

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  4. Unique Design

    Removable greeting label tells how to use the Clards for cleaning.

  5. A Greeting that Keeps on Giving

    Traditional card end up in the trash, CLARDS are keepers and can be used for months.

  6. best eco greeting cards

    Never Give a Throw Away Greeting Again!

    Save trees and choose CLARDS – compostable, vegan greeting cards that turn into eco cleaning cloths. Replaces 3,000 paper towels!

  7. Billions of Gallons of Water

    The paper towel industry uses millions of trees and billions of gallons of water every year.

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  10. Ultra Cleaning

    This magic eco cloth absorbs 20x it’s weight in liquid. It’s amazing!